Dear Colleague: 

We are currently looking for authors and editors for our medical journal.  Authors will have the opportunity to publish scholarly work in the specialty of their choice while editors will serve on an online panel of reviewers to assess the quality of each online medical journal submission.  If you are interested in becoming an active part of our large network of physicians, please contact us at our downtown Chicago offices or email us directly at education@med-line.org.  Each author and editor not only will stamp their name and expertise on a specialty of medicine but may in the future be entitled to nominal benefits or royalties for their contribution.  This published expertise will be highly beneficial in your career.

We encourage physicians, especially residents and medical students to become scholars and contributors to their field while being part of one the largest networks of private and academic physicians in Chicago and beyond.  Welcome to our network.



Med-Line is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing high quality expert medical and scientific research information, journal references, physician referral, physician professional webpages, and continuing medical education. Our website (www.med-line.org) has been around since 1994 and is the first of its kind since the web-based inception of the internet. It is run entirely by M.D.'s and seeks to provide a special perspective for those who cannot find it elsewhere.

At Med-Line, we are keenly aware that medical access is unfortunately not available for everyone. We also realize that often patients have a difficult time finding the right doctor for their particular problems. Not all doctors are the same. We believe that medical access is a right and therefore are here to help provide patients with rapid access to the world's most qualified physicians and specialists.

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